March 19, 2013 (SNOW!)

Putting the date as a post’s title brings me back to the days of paper bound journals and diaries. I thought it was fitting today, though, because not a year goes by when we try to remember when last year’s latest snow or big storm was.

I don’t remember last year’s latest snow or storm. I do remember that around this time it was hotter in Vermont than it is in the summer. Because we live in the mountains, further north than most of the states, even our summers are quite cool. It’s actually quite nice because we can enjoy all day outside, even on the hottest of summer days.

Anyways, this year is a bit different. Although it started warming up a bit last week (30’s), we have already received about 4-5 inches of snow last night, and it is still going! We should be in the foot range by tomorrow morning, although it could be more or less.

I really love that we are having a late snow year. I was reminded of how much I missed it last year as I was riding my snowboard down the slopes on St. Patrick’s day. Can’t beat that. One thing about Vermont, though, is that even a big snowstorm doesn’t keep Vermonters inside. I still made it into work by 7am, as usual, and it is just like any other days.

We will see if we continue to get more snow through late March, early April. I remember when we first moved up, we had a 2 inch coating of snow right around my birthday (April 9), so we could still have a few more weeks of winter left!

As Vermonters Plea for Snow


Anthony – Opening Weekend at Smuggler’s Notch

It’s that time of year again when those in Vermont begin to wonder where all of the snow is. I can’t speak on how long this yearly plea has been occurring, but I remember it happening last year quite clearly. “I remember Thanksgivings where the first major storm would blow through, and we wouldn’t see the ground again until the end of March,” Vermonters say, scowls on their faces. Because this year has begun the same as last, we all silently wonder whether it is some coincidental cycle or permanent due to climate change.

Either way, the mountains were prepared this time. Every ski mountain within a 120 mile radius of us purchased more snow making guns this year and all were open by Thanksgiving. We made it to our snowboarding spot, Smuggler’s Notch, opening weekend. Never underestimate the fun of fall and spring snowboarding with only a couple sweatshirts to guard you from the winter sun. So, while Vermont wonders when the snow will begin to permanently cover the Green Mountains, we continue to pretend it already has at the ski resorts.

Always consider Smuggler’s Notch when deciding on a ski spot in Vermont. It is located on the opposite side of Mt. Mansfield to Stowe. It is smaller than Stowe but has more back country terrain, less lines, and more of a community atmosphere. It also has some of the toughest terrain while also being amazingly family friendly. Plus, you can’t beat the local feel of it compared to the touristy likes of Stowe and Killington.


Smuggler’s Notch – Opening Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend 2012