Hopping the Pond: Revisiting an Unlikely Friend

I’ve woken up, sweaty palmed, in a daze, just a few hours outside of Dublin by plane. That means I’m somewhere over the Atlantic, right around where I always seem to wake up, worried about colliding with the ice cold waters thousands of

Irish Breakfast en route to Brussels

Irish Breakfast en route to Brussels

feet below me. It’s funny how sweaty you can get over the idea of freezing to death.

It’s in that moment, though, that I realize I’m more than halfway there. Soon, breakfast will be served and so will preparations for landing. I’m able to trick myself into calming down, and before I know it, I’ve made my way to my favorite little spot in the Dublin airport where I can enjoy a true Irish breakfast: grilled tomato, vegetarian baked beans, over easy eggs, and of course a Guinness.

We used Dublin for the cheap plane tickets this time around. It’s a great hub for

Ryanair, and an easy stopover when it comes to transportation, language, food, and drink. On our way into Europe we only have time for breakfast here, but on our way out we’ll get to spend the night. We enjoy our breakfast before boarding the plane en route to see an old friend: Brussels.