Hopping the Pond: Revisiting an Unlikely Friend

I’ve woken up, sweaty palmed, in a daze, just a few hours outside of Dublin by plane. That means I’m somewhere over the Atlantic, right around where I always seem to wake up, worried about colliding with the ice cold waters thousands of

Irish Breakfast en route to Brussels

Irish Breakfast en route to Brussels

feet below me. It’s funny how sweaty you can get over the idea of freezing to death.

It’s in that moment, though, that I realize I’m more than halfway there. Soon, breakfast will be served and so will preparations for landing. I’m able to trick myself into calming down, and before I know it, I’ve made my way to my favorite little spot in the Dublin airport where I can enjoy a true Irish breakfast: grilled tomato, vegetarian baked beans, over easy eggs, and of course a Guinness.

We used Dublin for the cheap plane tickets this time around. It’s a great hub for

Ryanair, and an easy stopover when it comes to transportation, language, food, and drink. On our way into Europe we only have time for breakfast here, but on our way out we’ll get to spend the night. We enjoy our breakfast before boarding the plane en route to see an old friend: Brussels.

Hopping the Pond: Post Travel Memories

Boy have I been busy with work and school since our last vacation! I can’t believe it has been four months already. I would like to get some of my trip written down here before those memories begin to fade. So begins the “Hopping the Pond” series.


Kayaking, Belgium, December


Recent Update

As every blogger seems to say at least a couple times a year, “my blog has suffered lately”. That’s because my work-life has been so busy. Let me explain: I work as a clinical analyst at a small, rural hospital in Northeast Vermont. Because it is so small, and in a rural setting, my job responsibilities span quite a range of departments and work. I support the pharmacy, the laboratory, the radiology department, transcription, and the inpatient physicians. On any given day, I could be very busy splitting my time between these areas. Right now, however, we are in the midst of a year long, hospital wide system implementation. In other words, I am juggling the implementation of a new electronic health record system within all of these areas. I am the project manager and lead (only) analyst on all of the applications for the above areas. We are at the tail end of the implementation, with only 2 1/2 months to go. So, I have been running around trying to get my projects in a stable place before I go off on my three week vacation.

In addition, I finished up my last class of this semester last week. I am officially down to one year left until I get my master’s degree in Health Informatics. We will be leaving for our three week vacation on Friday, December 21. As I previously mentioned, we were going to be heading to Norway for a little over a week and then the Brittany area of France for about 5 days. However, we were having some difficulty finding a whole lot open in Norway during this time of year or any couch surfing hosts available. We did a quick last minute search on other areas to visit from our Dublin hub, and came up with Brussels/Netherlands for a few days and devoting more time to France. We really like our new itinerary which includes: a day in Chicago en route to Dublin, Ireland. 3 full days not including travel days in Belgium/Netherlands. 9 fulls days not including travel in France. A day/night in Dublin. We will be focusing on the Atlantic coast of France including the Bordeaux, Brittany, and Normandy areas.