Fall Folliage 2013

I blog for many reasons. One of those reasons happens to be to document those moments that I wonder about year to year. When was the first snow last year? Was mud season this horrible in 2012? Is this a late foliage season? Every year I wonder these types of things, and I have always looked forward to the day when I actually have it documented to look back on. I began last year with the first snow of the season. I was surprised looking back on it that it was as early as November 5!

Anyways, foliage season started last weekend with this weekend seeing A LOT of changes. On Saturday we got up bright and early to make it to the last Mad River Valley farmer’s market that the brewer of Lawson’s Liquids would be at to sell beer. Bright maroons were beginning to explode from the tree lines as we zig-zagged down route 100 towards Waitsfield. By the time we made our way back that afternoon, the tree line seemed to be even brighter and more magnificent before. Then, the very next morning we noticed more colors outside of our window. So, I believe this week will be the peak foliage, and hopefully, I can get some more pictures. I am planning on climbing Mount Elmore, as Pup and I do every year (this will be our third year!), just her and I. That should give me a good opportunity for Fall Foliage pictures.


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