Recent Update

As every blogger seems to say at least a couple times a year, “my blog has suffered lately”. That’s because my work-life has been so busy. Let me explain: I work as a clinical analyst at a small, rural hospital in Northeast Vermont. Because it is so small, and in a rural setting, my job responsibilities span quite a range of departments and work. I support the pharmacy, the laboratory, the radiology department, transcription, and the inpatient physicians. On any given day, I could be very busy splitting my time between these areas. Right now, however, we are in the midst of a year long, hospital wide system implementation. In other words, I am juggling the implementation of a new electronic health record system within all of these areas. I am the project manager and lead (only) analyst on all of the applications for the above areas. We are at the tail end of the implementation, with only 2 1/2 months to go. So, I have been running around trying to get my projects in a stable place before I go off on my three week vacation.

In addition, I finished up my last class of this semester last week. I am officially down to one year left until I get my master’s degree in Health Informatics. We will be leaving for our three week vacation on Friday, December 21. As I previously mentioned, we were going to be heading to Norway for a little over a week and then the Brittany area of France for about 5 days. However, we were having some difficulty finding a whole lot open in Norway during this time of year or any couch surfing hosts available. We did a quick last minute search on other areas to visit from our Dublin hub, and came up with Brussels/Netherlands for a few days and devoting more time to France. We really like our new itinerary which includes: a day in Chicago en route to Dublin, Ireland. 3 full days not including travel days in Belgium/Netherlands. 9 fulls days not including travel in France. A day/night in Dublin. We will be focusing on the Atlantic coast of France including the Bordeaux, Brittany, and Normandy areas.

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