Vermont Night Sky

We are a mile from our driveway when I stop the car. As the cloud of dirt settles around my car, I turn the headlights off followed by a swift turn of the keys. In an instant, we are enveloped by complete darkness.

I lean against the car, neck straining as I stare straight up. I must not get too enthralled with what is going on above, just in case someone pulls up behind us on their way home. I always pick out the Big Dipper first. Each of the stars seem magnified out here in this blanket of black, and at this time of year, the Big Dipper is spread out, looking larger than usual. Next, I find the white glow of the Milky Way. It slices the night sky into two. If I state into it long enough, I am guaranteed to spy a shooting star. Then, I can leave at the first sign of truck lights pulling up behind me a happy girl.

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